Have fun with Rondje Mario (Utrecht, Hotels, Dutch + English)

Have fun with Rondje Mario (Utrecht, Hot...

Wessel van Rooijen (27 jaar)

The questions and fun facts are like Cupid's secret weapons, guaranteed to level up your love game and create a tidal wave of joy and laughter!

Stefan Pannekoek (28 jaar)

If you don't end up with a bellyache from laughing after Rondje Mario, then I don't know what will do the trick! Had an absolute blast exploring the city of Utrecht in the most ridiculously fun way possible!

Femke van Dam (20 jaar)

Brilliant idea! Utterly original and creatively concocted. A delightful adventure to embark on with friends. It's like leveling up as a tourist in Utrecht and having an absolute blast together. Top-notch day, guaranteed!

Jessie Chuckran (22 jaar)

I would say to every couple out there: just go for it! Had an absolute blast, mate. The love vibes are totally back in action!